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Who killed the electric car

Finally watched "Who killed the electric car".

Very interesting, I wonder if they would still get away with that now, it would be an interesting mental exercise to see if the internet and the blogosphere could haveconvinced the auto makers to keep the electric car alife.

Maybe a topic for my new blog Ideology 21 ... when I finally get ready to launch it.

Meanwhile have a look here for the film on Google video. Or, even better, buy it from Amazon ...

Mobile Webcamp this weekend

Barcamp G(h)ent 29-03-2008

As much as we missed Peter Forret at Barcamp, I must say his legacy is save, this BC was very wel organised, an amzing location with too many gadgets and some very motivated people.

I enjoyed the different sessions I attended.

My presentation wasn't the smoothest I ever did, but I guess that's what you get for making the pres in half an hour ... But I loved the discussion afterwards. That means that this is probably a good topic for our panel on the next EuroIA summit. To bad we couldn't continue the discussion but I do hope some of you join us at the Brussels IA Beer hour.

I promised the attendees to add some links here to the different sources I used:

GS1 thanks Joe!

OpenSpime en de presentatie die ik gebruikte.

Cabel's article


Robots are coming and ...

... They are getting closer and closer to what we see on sci fi.


I've been showing this to so many people that I might as wel put it up here too, very impresive.


glumbert - Robotic Big Dog

Thany you DARPA. To bad it's not a sweet pet instead of some miletary machine ... :-(

But some robots are there to make our pets happy.



glumbert - Jerry needs no help playing with his ball

Source: My fav video site

Twitter? What happens between blogs and mail ...

I admit, I like Twitter but how to explain it to you sceptical and techilliterate ....

I found the solution on Geekbrief, thanks Cali!

So check out episode 325 of Geekbrief @

Or check out the site of the guys who create these amaizing video’s.

Or ... here  you go via Youtube of course:



You can  find more of their work on Youtube on their own page: I really like the wiki one, haven't heard the rest but will soon!

Source: Geekbrief


 You see everyone finds a job that fit’s them like a  glove!


Here’s the trailer but you can download the film here or watch it on Boing Boing tv (who have a lot more great content)

 Actually, here's the whole film ...



Seems I have jobsearching on my mind ... oh help!

Source: Boing Boing TV

Apple is a software company

An "interesting" interview with Walt Mosberg, he tries not to come across as an Apple fan but ... we know better Walt ;-)





So why do I put it up here, well he quotes Steve Jobs saying "Apple is a software company" ... How interesting is that. So all that nice hardware from the amazing Macbook Air to the iPhone is just there to package and sell the software. A little like the way sigarettes are just there to push nicotine. I think it warants a moment of contemplation ...

Source: The video on

Tumble blog

Hey, to whoever reads this ;-)

I’m about to launch a professional blog on, my company site and as I was exploring and trying stuff out I stumbled upon tumblr. I’m trying a tumble log and may replace this blog with it, what do yo think, should I?

Check out my tumble blog here

Thanks for any feedbacks or comments!



Source: tumblr

Friday time waster

So cool you'll want to go and see the movie (on DVD that is)


Source: Autoblog


Bikes of the future:

Source: ENV Bike

Belgian government leading the way

... for once.

And taking a stand against Redmond!

Belgium adopts open office doc format

I haven't had any info on this one through my many governement contacts ... guys!
I'll follow up when I find out more.

Source: Thanks Skip,
The Register

Geek Fashion

Memories from the past ... when I used to go to work in suite and tie.

I have a nice collection of Pink shirts (no not pink shirts, shirts made by Thomas Pink) but I was surprised to see them on Engadget. What is happening? Are Geeks becoming fashion conscious or are the fashionable becoming geekish ....

Thomas Pink's iPod-concealing Commuter Shirt's tech spec:

Also check out the Thomas Pink iPod tie for those of you who still need neck ware ...

Source: Engadget
Thomas Pink

Microsoft v. Google

Maybe the Steve Gillmor is on the right track and the battle of the future will be between Microsoft & Google, fighting it out to be the next big man of the internet and beyond ...

Remember when I posted about Fiat putting Windows in your car entertainment/navigation system?
Well, the competition, Honda, just integrated Google Earth in some of their models in Japan ...

We'll have to wait and see where this one is going.

Source: via Engadget

Web based web development

Peter has a very interesting post on Web based web development, Opens interesting prospectives, certainly as we are working on import/export or aggregation/syndication features in icogs.

my comment:
"And how about Ourmedia and the Internet Archive as free storage ...
I’m 100% with you except I do like the Ning idea. I do think we’re not far from realising the promise Notes made, but was never able to realise ... let the users assemble and "build" their own applications, meeting their specific needs."

Source: Peter Forret

Get ready for bluescreens at the wheel

FIat and Microsoft are working together to offer a Microsoft Mobile based systems in your car:

" Blue&Me™ is the new system based on Windows Mobile™ that makes driving safer and more comfortable, in the process revolutionising standards of in-car communication, information and entertainment."

I guess this was bound to happen sooner or later, and it does make sense because I keep on thinking of different software add ons that could make my specific driving experience so much better.  (I own a Becker Online Pro, sounded very promissing but has proven to be a really bad product, I schouldn’t have bought a first release product ... )
If only integrating my addressbook and car based navigation system, share my music between devices, get RSS alerts, ...
But I do hope Symbian and Access partner with some of the in car electronics vendors!

I wonder .... would MSN work? and Skype ...

Source: Geneva Car show 2006
Auto55 (NL) one of my dailies

Carl doing some serious writing

Carl, the founder of icogs just wrote a very interesting article on the evoluion of our market, check it out on his blog.

Source: Carl's blog

Digital TV is the Future ... Oh please!

I found Digital TV To Outpace Broadband Internet in Europe by 2010  based on a study by Booz Allen Hamilton via digimedia.

The article makes a valid point when it  indicates that the cable companies are in an ideal position to enable the merger of  TV, Internet and telephony (triple play). But misses the point when declaring "Thus, DTV will replace broadband internet as the principal driver of growth of Europe’s digital economy".
 How can they analyse this market without mentioning the content issue. Eveny trend on the internet is indicating that user created content (written: blogs, spoken: podcasts, or video: vlogs/vcasting) are going to play a key role in the future of the media market. So it’s true that by consolidating, some of the cable companies can take over a lot of market form the  ISPs, but iTV or D-TV will only take of once the content from the Internet’s new user controlled platforms can be published on it.

The succes of digital TV will depand on
* Opening the networks
* Setting standards for viewing and accessing content

I was amazed at how, at the last investor event I attended, a lot of the presentations reminded me of those of the late 90s with a find & replace of Internet by Interactive TV. People wanting to start closed content channels driven by advertising based on user volume ... and other such original ideas. Contrast this with the accuisition by AOL of Weblogs Inc ...

Source: Article on (NL)

Next generation of ipods pre-loaded?

While reading this article

I remembered the U2 ipod and the Madonna collection Apple was selling ...
Now think Pandora combine it with a podcast like distribution system ...

You buy an ipod and it is constantly filled with the latest stuff you like and not just the stuff you subscribe too.

The podsafe music guys could provide this.

Just some ideas.

Source: US Today

Pandora - the future is bright

Oh man, it’s not that my faith in the internet has ever been in question but for anyone still having some doubts, here’s a near religious experiense to restore your faith!


Source: City of Bits Blog