Memories from the old days ...


If anyone wondered where my love for French rap music came from ...

The man behind Ali G, Borrat & Bruno

glumbert - Sacha Baron Cohen on The Daily Show

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Ah those car crazy rappers ...

Zoocamp promotion

Please help us promote Zoocamp, Barcamp in the Antwerp zoo ...


Ik wil bowlen

In Dutch so sorry for any English speakers ... just use your imagination ...



Thanks Katia

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Where the hell is Matt

I know I know, it has been around for a while but I love it anyway. Just bumped into it at Vimeo.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.


Why didn't I think of doing that 10 years ago ...

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on Vimeo

Who said bigger men can't be sexy ...

Great work Mahalo team and I for one couldn't be happier with your choice!


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Timeshifting galore

Veronica rocks!

Somehow they manage to melt present, past and future ...


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Like listening to a miror

I've been having a hard time finding my way after closing icogs. Mainly because I am very insecure at the moment. I feel I have screwed up icogs and I messed up a big project at the end of last year and David, my current boss, has been more then patient with me. Although I have been making jokes about being dyslexic for many years (thanks James ;-) ) listening to Patricia talking on the Daily Source Code episode 748 was a real eye opener.

I do score 15/20 on this test so I guess it's official, I have dyslexia ...

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I've always loved mashups, but this must be one of the best.

And the video is awsome!

Source: Thanks Adam for the lead!
For all your mashup needs: Mashuptown

Stop lying to yourself

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Robots are coming and ...

... They are getting closer and closer to what we see on sci fi.


I've been showing this to so many people that I might as wel put it up here too, very impresive.


glumbert - Robotic Big Dog

Thany you DARPA. To bad it's not a sweet pet instead of some miletary machine ... :-(

But some robots are there to make our pets happy.



glumbert - Jerry needs no help playing with his ball

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Tumble blog

Hey, to whoever reads this ;-)

I’m about to launch a professional blog on, my company site and as I was exploring and trying stuff out I stumbled upon tumblr. I’m trying a tumble log and may replace this blog with it, what do yo think, should I?

Check out my tumble blog here

Thanks for any feedbacks or comments!



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Original advertising ...

I hope you all know hugh macleod ...

He's a blogger and Cartoonist at and a regular on podcasts such as the Gillmore gang.  

He's been working with South African wine make Stromhoek, designing their labels and now doing a roadtrip with them, going to Tesco's all over the UK to draw Valentine cards on the spot and promote their Valentine Rosé.

I just like the idea and hope it' a succes ...

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Spoiled girls

And a different but equally great marketing idea ...

I’m not telling you who from, watch the videos and you’ll discover!



Nee echt, ik ben niet verwend…

Maar doe toch maar een andere…

En tot slot…


Sorry Paul

I promise the next entry will have nothing to do with Cars or Bikes!

But this one is just too funny ...

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Hiring a webdeveloper?

Some usefull tips from Ze Frank to help you identify the real thing from the wanabees ...

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Fast? ... this is fast!

I was talking about going fast yesterday in France. I have to admit I used to brake traffic rules from time to time in the past and once took my old bike over 270kph. If you want to know what that feels like, check this guy out:


DISCLOSURE: As much as I think this vid is impressive I do think the guy is an idiot and his driving is irresponsible, really I do! But dmn ... just once maybe

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One for the pilots

Fed Ex Thunderstorm deviations, Aironotic ballet.

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Command N

Paris driving

And here one for James who is trying to settle in in Denmark and enjoyed the Paris driving video.
I hope you saw Ronin, great movie and check out this drive through Paris:

I've also included a link to the other chase in the movie. Classic stuff ... Enjoy!

Source: The Paris chase

And the other one in the Province. I love those S8's