Just listen to what the man has to say!

Breaking Up a Traffic Jam! - More amazing videos are a click away

Memories from the old days ...


If anyone wondered where my love for French rap music came from ...

Who killed the electric car

Finally watched "Who killed the electric car".

Very interesting, I wonder if they would still get away with that now, it would be an interesting mental exercise to see if the internet and the blogosphere could haveconvinced the auto makers to keep the electric car alife.

Maybe a topic for my new blog Ideology 21 ... when I finally get ready to launch it.

Meanwhile have a look here for the film on Google video. Or, even better, buy it from Amazon ...

Where the hell is Matt

I know I know, it has been around for a while but I love it anyway. Just bumped into it at Vimeo.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.


Why didn't I think of doing that 10 years ago ...

Source: from Matt
on Vimeo

Monthy Python does US2008


Michael (more youtube goodness) still is the funniest Palin, the other one is rather tragic. And John is probably still the funniest Python ...

No comment

Source: via Blip TV

Timeshifting galore

Veronica rocks!

Somehow they manage to melt present, past and future ...


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Early adopters, oof I made the cut

Any of you who don’t Twitter yet ... it’s official, your not early adopters. Don’t beleive me ... it’s true, Scoble said so: "Scobleizer: Anyone who joins Twitter after today is not an early adopter. So, not interesting for me to follow."

I know I know, that’s neither here nor there but for the first time I do think I grock Scobble. I always wondered his comepetitions with the likes of Leo Laporte and Jason Calacanis for the most folowers/fans on every network. But he is really conecting with his audience and he is a pioneer. I like him a lot and hope he continues, I’ll keep following him ;-)


Source: Scoble on the wab
Scoble on Twitter

Barcamp G(h)ent 29-03-2008

As much as we missed Peter Forret at Barcamp, I must say his legacy is save, this BC was very wel organised, an amzing location with too many gadgets and some very motivated people.

I enjoyed the different sessions I attended.

My presentation wasn't the smoothest I ever did, but I guess that's what you get for making the pres in half an hour ... But I loved the discussion afterwards. That means that this is probably a good topic for our panel on the next EuroIA summit. To bad we couldn't continue the discussion but I do hope some of you join us at the Brussels IA Beer hour.

I promised the attendees to add some links here to the different sources I used:

GS1 thanks Joe!

OpenSpime en de presentatie die ik gebruikte.

Cabel's article



I've always loved mashups, but this must be one of the best.

And the video is awsome!

Source: Thanks Adam for the lead!
For all your mashup needs: Mashuptown

Stop lying to yourself

Source: Gary the wine man

We Think

An other cool animation. Not only the format, the content is pretty cool too. It's just amazing to see all this stuff, I just listened to the Cluetrain Manifesto again via Audible, more relevant then ever!


Source: Bart

Twitter? What happens between blogs and mail ...

I admit, I like Twitter but how to explain it to you sceptical and techilliterate ....

I found the solution on Geekbrief, thanks Cali!

So check out episode 325 of Geekbrief @

Or check out the site of the guys who create these amaizing video’s.

Or ... here  you go via Youtube of course:



You can  find more of their work on Youtube on their own page: I really like the wiki one, haven't heard the rest but will soon!

Source: Geekbrief


 You see everyone finds a job that fit’s them like a  glove!


Here’s the trailer but you can download the film here or watch it on Boing Boing tv (who have a lot more great content)

 Actually, here's the whole film ...



Seems I have jobsearching on my mind ... oh help!

Source: Boing Boing TV

Children questioning education

I just registered a new domain and want to start blogging more regularly about the more serious subjects that are on my mind, stuff like politics and religion and education ... check this clip out, talk about a motivation to go scream from the rooftops. What are we doing?

glumbert - Dumbing Us Down: The American Tragedy

Wow, listen to this woman!

It makes a nice difference from the usual complot theories to see someone make the argument based on history!

Source: Thanks Adam

A Bishop and an Atheist ...

No, no, no, it’s not a joke. Just an amazing interview between Richard Dawkins and The Bishop of Oxford.

Just nice to hear reasonable men discuss these mathers in stead of the usual one liners and propaganda. - Richard Dawkins interviews the Bishop of Oxford

And If after listening to all this you need to let of some steam and hear a real joke about a Cardinal this time check this Billy Connolly sketch out! - Billy Connolly and the Cardinal’s school visit


Rollins on using anger

Henri Rollins talking about being young and being responsible, wow: - Henry Rollins’ Ember of Rage



Spoiled girls

And a different but equally great marketing idea ...

I’m not telling you who from, watch the videos and you’ll discover!



Nee echt, ik ben niet verwend…

Maar doe toch maar een andere…

En tot slot…


Fair and Balanced

For those non Americans, "Fair & Balanced" is ironically the byline Fox news uses. They are the same people who would start their news shows with "184 days before the re-election of President Bush" ...
Here is an other example of their "reporting" on politics. Barack Obama is a US senator and hopefully a candidate for the presidency in 2008. That is if America is ready for something different ... He's of mixed race (black dad and white mom) raised for the first years of his life in Indonesia (as a Muslim) and then in the US by his (white) grandparents. 
Anyway, here's some coverage he got on Fox. Clearly they have been learning from Rove or some other republican adviser, they try to hit two birds with one stone, accusing the Clinton campaign to leak information on Obama ...

Fair and Balanced ... right

And how can you pick a man who's middle name is Houssein, who actually met a Muslim in his life and has had to fight and work to get where he is today ... And he once used Cocaine! And he's not a regular parishioner at his Reformed Church!
Thank God there are enlightened men like W who can counterbalance this ... Oh but didn't he used to be a alcohol and cocaine addict ... and a failed student and a failed soldier and a failed business man and ...

I really wish a guy like Obama could become the President, but really, my hopes are not very high. Imagine how different the world could be with someone like him in power ...
How can we convince the Americans?