Barcamp G(h)ent 29-03-2008

As much as we missed Peter Forret at Barcamp, I must say his legacy is save, this BC was very wel organised, an amzing location with too many gadgets and some very motivated people.

I enjoyed the different sessions I attended.

My presentation wasn't the smoothest I ever did, but I guess that's what you get for making the pres in half an hour ... But I loved the discussion afterwards. That means that this is probably a good topic for our panel on the next EuroIA summit. To bad we couldn't continue the discussion but I do hope some of you join us at the Brussels IA Beer hour.

I promised the attendees to add some links here to the different sources I used:

GS1 thanks Joe!

OpenSpime en de presentatie die ik gebruikte.

Cabel's article


Twitter? What happens between blogs and mail ...

I admit, I like Twitter but how to explain it to you sceptical and techilliterate ....

I found the solution on Geekbrief, thanks Cali!

So check out episode 325 of Geekbrief @ geekbrief.tv

Or check out the site of the guys who create these amaizing video’s.

Or ... here  you go via Youtube of course:



You can  find more of their work on Youtube on their own page: http://www.youtube.com/user/leelefever. I really like the wiki one, haven't heard the rest but will soon!

Source: Geekbrief

An other vid ... web 2.0 to the max

Anyone still has a copy of buzzword bingo at hand?

IA News

Last year was an interesting IA year, we had a meeting almost every month with our Brussels Information Architecture Beer Hour or BIABH (just trying to describe what is really happening, we don't really do cocktails ... ), a lot of interesting people joined (30 so far), we've only had two formal presentations, but we want to double that at least this year. We also want to expand our reach and get more involved with other events.

An other great event this year was the EuroIA summit I'm very curious what will happen next year. I hope to get involved and help with the organisation ... Eric? Peter? ;-)

I also hope to be able to do some projects even though it will be much less then the last year as we're splitting icogs in two, Carl and I will continue with our product, Erik and David have set up Internet Architects, an internet consultanting company.


IA Cocktail hour

Information Architecture MeetupsWe are starting again with the organisation of our IS CocktailHours. If you are interested in attending, please use Meet-up to register, or go through our Yahoo Group: Brussels IA Cocktail Hour.

We will be showing a short video on Paul Otlet a fellow Belgian and one of the pioneers of IA in the first half of the last century, inventing concept such as hypertext ...

btw it’s a Belgian version of a Cocktail hour so we should really start calling it Beer hour ;-)

Source: Meet Up

Dead by Powerpoint

Louise Ferguson mentioned this really great radio programme on her Blog.

Microsoft Powerpoint and the Decline ... ... of Civilisation: There are thought to be over 30 million PowerPoint presentations a day. DJ Taylor discovers a rebellion against the world of bullet points and the auto-content wizard.

I had some trouoble finding the audio file. Those of you up for a challange see if you can find it easily and for those wha are not all that adventurous or too busy ... you can find the audio file here.

Source: Louise Ferguson
BBC Radio 4

IA Drink in Antwerp

One of those "legendary' Belgians out there in the wide blogging space is Peter Van Dijck, his blog is Guide To Ease. He writes about all things information architecture and user experience and about life in general.

As he was back in the homeland he called a IA Cocktail Hour and some people got together for what turned out to be a very interesting evening. Discussion topics ranged from American and Belgian politics over migration law, wiki's and blogging through to the future of the semantic web and of course the roll of the information architect in all this.

It was an interesting evening and very motivating to continue with both our own initiative to get the IA cocktailhours going in Belgium and of course my own Blog.

Thanks Peter!

Source: Brussels IA Cocktailhour