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and get back in shape to do some cycling

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Bicycle terrorists

So much for the land fo the land of the free ...

250 protestors cycling through NY were arested. I hope the guys at the Republican National Convention feel safe now that such a thread has been averted. And I am sure they didn't predict any reaction when planning their convention in New York ...

And the same happened today when thousands March Against The President.
'police used clubs briefly to disperse a handful of demonstrators holding a "kiss-in"' that sounds very dangerous ...

We were having an interesting discussion last wednesday at the IA beer hour on the perception of the US in the rest of the world and how the dislike for the current president is likely to be enlarged for a dislike for America and the American people should Mister Bush be reelected. When reading articles such as the ones mentioned in here a lot of Europeans feel really unconfortable. What is left of the principles of freedom and the right to free expression that used to be identified with the US?


Axel Merckx delivers! Bronze medal for Belgium.

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