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Breaking Up a Traffic Jam! - More amazing videos are a click away

Ah those car crazy rappers ...

Who killed the electric car

Finally watched "Who killed the electric car".

Very interesting, I wonder if they would still get away with that now, it would be an interesting mental exercise to see if the internet and the blogosphere could haveconvinced the auto makers to keep the electric car alife.

Maybe a topic for my new blog Ideology 21 ... when I finally get ready to launch it.

Meanwhile have a look here for the film on Google video. Or, even better, buy it from Amazon ...

Supercar for daily use ...

Yeah right ...



What an amazing machine and I still love Tiff, what a driver and such an enthousiast. Maybe he is the Stig ...

Source: Djivy, great Belgian car site

Beat Sabine on the Ring

If you have ambitions to drive the NurbergRing BMW gives you a manual. Autoblog NL has some inspiring clips and if you click here you can download the pdf.


The ring now (in an Audi R8, sorry BMW)



The ring then


Source: Autoblog NL

American technology breaking down in Rome

... and who was saying Italian technology was not reliable.

Yes this is the President’s limo breaking down in the middle of Rome. The first minutes are boring but the end is worh it.


Source: Jalopnik

Friday time waster

So cool you'll want to go and see the movie (on DVD that is)


Source: Autoblog

Spoiled girls

And a different but equally great marketing idea ...

I’m not telling you who from, watch the videos and you’ll discover!



Nee echt, ik ben niet verwend…

Maar doe toch maar een andere…

En tot slot…


Sorry Paul

I promise the next entry will have nothing to do with Cars or Bikes!

But this one is just too funny ...

Source: Via Autoblog NL

Paris driving

And here one for James who is trying to settle in in Denmark and enjoyed the Paris driving video.
I hope you saw Ronin, great movie and check out this drive through Paris:

I've also included a link to the other chase in the movie. Classic stuff ... Enjoy!

Source: The Paris chase

And the other one in the Province. I love those S8's

Promo: Car - Camera - Location - Drivingmachine

So you’re Toyota and you’ve put all this money in building a F1 team, you’re sponsor makes camera’s, ...
How do you promote yourself for the upcoming Brittish car show?

You organise a session in the halls where the Car Show will take place
You invite the best unknon driver in the market

And this is what you get ...

Can’t wait to see it on Top Gear

Source: Autoblog

For dad

The clip can still be found on Youtube ...

Thank you mister Bush, America get's the environment issue

"It’s a strange world we live in when a group of 85 illegally-parked SUVs in Manhattan are supposed to be a statement on behalf of the environment."

Autoblog Entry

Clearly someone was listening to mister Bush's state of the union. Wether they got it seems to be an other issue

Source: Autoblog

Microsoft v. Google

Maybe the Steve Gillmor is on the right track and the battle of the future will be between Microsoft & Google, fighting it out to be the next big man of the internet and beyond ...

Remember when I posted about Fiat putting Windows in your car entertainment/navigation system?
Well, the competition, Honda, just integrated Google Earth in some of their models in Japan ...

We'll have to wait and see where this one is going.

Source: via Engadget

Golden Oldie that reappears from time to time

I miss Paris ...

This is Claude Lelouch in 1976 in his Ferrari 275 GTB4 taking a little spin through town.

Merci Edouard!

Source: Google Video

Get ready for bluescreens at the wheel

FIat and Microsoft are working together to offer a Microsoft Mobile based systems in your car:

" Blue&Me™ is the new system based on Windows Mobile™ that makes driving safer and more comfortable, in the process revolutionising standards of in-car communication, information and entertainment."

I guess this was bound to happen sooner or later, and it does make sense because I keep on thinking of different software add ons that could make my specific driving experience so much better.  (I own a Becker Online Pro, sounded very promissing but has proven to be a really bad product, I schouldn’t have bought a first release product ... )
If only integrating my addressbook and car based navigation system, share my music between devices, get RSS alerts, ...
But I do hope Symbian and Access partner with some of the in car electronics vendors!

I wonder .... would MSN work? and Skype ...

Source: Geneva Car show 2006
Auto55 (NL) one of my dailies