Apple is a software company

An "interesting" interview with Walt Mosberg, he tries not to come across as an Apple fan but ... we know better Walt ;-)





So why do I put it up here, well he quotes Steve Jobs saying "Apple is a software company" ... How interesting is that. So all that nice hardware from the amazing Macbook Air to the iPhone is just there to package and sell the software. A little like the way sigarettes are just there to push nicotine. I think it warants a moment of contemplation ...

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Geek Fashion

Memories from the past ... when I used to go to work in suite and tie.

I have a nice collection of Pink shirts (no not pink shirts, shirts made by Thomas Pink) but I was surprised to see them on Engadget. What is happening? Are Geeks becoming fashion conscious or are the fashionable becoming geekish ....

Thomas Pink's iPod-concealing Commuter Shirt's tech spec:

Also check out the Thomas Pink iPod tie for those of you who still need neck ware ...

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Thomas Pink

Need Windows ... buy a Mac

Apple just released Boot Camp allowing you to run windows next to Mac OS X on your Intel powered machine ...

Nice ;-)

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Next generation of ipods pre-loaded?

While reading this article

I remembered the U2 ipod and the Madonna collection Apple was selling ...
Now think Pandora combine it with a podcast like distribution system ...

You buy an ipod and it is constantly filled with the latest stuff you like and not just the stuff you subscribe too.

The podsafe music guys could provide this.

Just some ideas.

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Pixar Sold to Disney

Steve will be on the board.
7.4 billion and steve has 50,6%.

Carl, good predicting!

I’m curious to see the Steve effect on Disney.

(Found on Macintouch)

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Oh, the poor little shuffle ...

Not for the fainthearted, true Apple/iPod lovers ...

But very interesting!

iPod Shuffle alien autopsy

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Apple stories

Carl was reading this and laughing so hard I had to read it to ... man this is funny, and amazing at so many levels. For starters I know how the guys feel, I’m no developper but I know all about getting the bug and wanting the product do well so badly that you don’t think about how many hours you work and how much energy you put in, you just want it to succeed. Second I have fond memories of this as I was giving demo’s in Fnac stores and at the bigger Apple dealers in Belgium when the PowerPCs were launched and as we got the machines out of the box we really didn’t have much to show other then the Grphing Calculator ...

And off course some email (Eudora 0.x) people didn’t beleive what we did was real, sending messages from one end of the country to the other ... and that’s only 10 years ago ;-)


A little one for my friens Gerard ... a true Mac Fan. Maybe some inspiration ;-)

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iBulge and iDebate

I found a link to this picture on Joi Ito's RSS feed:

Thanks Larry! Very funny.

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Joi Ito

The future of wireless is here

And it’s make in Belgium, in my home town Leuven ... (home to other great brands such as Stella Artois)
3G wireless for the Mac . I have always had questions with the whole Wifi craze. Setting up Wifi networks publically is like people making their wireless home phone basestations available for passers by. 3G offers a powerfull solution for true mobilety. Telco's invested a lot in the infrastructure and I think the arrival of these products on the markets marks the true start of the wireless era.
Als, it’s very interesting to see some actin on the 3G front, finnally

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iPod Etiquette

Rules for ipod users ... when to take your white earbuds out!

I think I'm ready to get one now, now that I know how to be polite while using it.

This little thingie showed up in the different European Stores, not in the US one though ... guess we need more educating!

Apple Store

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